Car Detailing

Our automobiles are such a big part of our daily lives that sometimes it feels we practically live in them. From drive-thru food debris, kids’ meal crumbs, muddy shoes and pets, it doesn’t take long before you start asking yourself, “How did my car get so dirty, so fast?”

Of course, with your busy schedule, it’s hard to find the time to thoroughly clean and freshen up your vehicle. That’s where the car detailing experts at Carson’s Car Detailing can help you.

We differ from most car detailing shops, because we cater to your schedule.

We also feature professional detailing products by Detail King.Carson Detailing- detail king certified logo

Our Difference

  • Vehicles can be dropped off and keys put in mailbox for nighttime detail.
  • We will gladly come to your place of employment and drop it back off before your shift is over. Pickup is free within 10 miles of our shop, and just $10.00 charge if you are farther away.
  • We are available to you 24/7. We understand not everyone’s schedule is 9-5.

Just call us at (724) 205-3619, and find out why we’ve become the go-to car detailing professionals in Pittsburgh. We’ll have your vehicle looking and smelling like new car! We have a detailing package that will fit your needs.

Full Car Detail Package- Package #1

Our Full  Car Detail package is a complete detailing service. We bring your new or used vehicle back to its showroom shine.

  • Clean windows in & out
  • Clean mats, seats carpet
  • Dress interior leather/vinyl
  • High speed buff
  • Seal with Carnauba wax
  • Dress and clean tires
  • Degrease engine
  • Clean door jams & trunk
  • Clean vents
  • Bug & tar removal
  • Clean wheels and wheel wells

You get all this for your car or regular size for $120.

For your SUV or full size truck you get all this for $140

Please note there is an additional charge for excessive dog hair, sand, excessive dirt, etc that’s adds substantially to the time.

Call now at (724) 205-3619 to schedule or contact us.

Complete Exterior Detailing Package – Package #2

For those who want a shiny exterior,  we offer a Complete Exterior Detailing package. The Exterior Auto Detailing Package includes:

  • Swirl free handwash
  • Clean wheels, tires, wheel wells
  • Claybar paint to remove contents(when needed)
  • Remove tar and bug splatter
  • Dress exterior trim, tires, wheel wells
  • Clean exterior glass
All this for $75. Call now at (724) 205-3619 to schedule or contact us.

Complete Interior Detailing Package – Package #3

  • Interior vacuum
  • Clean and dress panels
  • Clean carpets and mats
  • Hand clean headliner
  • Dress interior surfaces
  • Leather cleaned and conditioned
  • Interior windows cleaned
  • Door hinges lubricated

“The mini-detail” – Package #4


Comparable to most shops full detail (or better)!!!
Exterior includes:
  • Hand wash, clay (using high gloss spray wax) hand dry, windows cleaned & decontaminated, tires, wheels, and wheel wells dressed
Interior includes:
  • Trash removed, vacuumed out-air purged- re-vacuumed, interior wiped down (dressing), windows cleaned, and topped off with your choice of air freshener.     (Inquire about scents offered)
All this for $75

The Maintenance Detail – Package #5

This detail is designed for our customers that keep up on a very regular basis with there vehicle and don’t give it the time to let it get to bad, and always want it looking shiny and smelling good.
*by estimate and appointment only!
All this for $40.00
Call now at (724) 205-3619 to schedule or contact us.  Call now at (724) 205-3619 to schedule or contact us.

Contact Carson’s Car Detailing at  (724) 205-3619  and schedule an appointment for car detailing in Pittsburgh.

carsons- credit card imagesWe accept all major credit cards.

Any vehicles left on site our at owners risk.

We recommend customers remove personal effects from vehicle prior to detail.

What Our Clients Are Saying

I took my car to Carson’s Car Detailing… I can’t even begin to state what an amazing and unbelievable job Jeffrey Carson did my car looks better than the 1st time I drove it. I was able to drop my car off after work, which was around 9pm, and when I woke up I had a ‘new’ car parked outside my house. I wish I took before pictures, Jeff deserves to have everyone see where my car started from. My best friend Sophia was floored by the results. She’s been in my car. She knows. Here are my after pictures… Check it out…and thanks Jeff!


Jeff Carson you did an amazing job on my car Service is at the top of the list. I highly recommend your car detailing shop to everyone. I will spread the word because what you did to my car was of the best quality and it looks like it came off the show room floor.

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